Exciting Endeavors for The Clarks

We just finished our first stop on our A Conversation With The Clarks tour and it was a smashing success. We went into the event on a high after JJ’s UCONN conference win and coaching staff of the year honors. We were excited to congratulate him on his victory and launch our first family endeavors A Conversation With The Clarks, The Clark Family Running Camps and our our new website ClarkFamOnTop.com. As a family we are always supportive of each other through wins and losses and we always try to acknowledge each others accomplishments. We see our family as a team that is only as strong as its weakest link so it is paramount that we are all happy, healthy and thriving. When one of us struggles or faces a setback it is not uncommon for us to get on a conference call to discuss ways to overcome the challenge. We have found that four heads are definitely better than one and we do not go one day without talking or texting.

When we arrived at the hotel for A Conversation With The Clarks the excitement was palpable.We did not hesitate to sit down for a meal to go over the final details of the event and catch up. We wanted the event to be special and showcase all of the hard work we had put into our branding, website and apparel. New Jersey City University gave us a warm welcome when we arrived on campus and we were met by media for pre event interviews. As our supporters, family and friends came through the doors we immediately knew it would be an unforgettable night.

The time flew by as we discussed our experiences striving for success and overcoming obstacles. With each memory we were reminded of how fortunate we are to have such a strong family structure. Not one win, accolade or experience would be the same without the presence of family and most of the peaks and valleys in life occurred when we were together.

People often ask if there is any sibling rivalry or competitiveness in our family. Even though we were often competitors on the track our family works because we take pride in each other and understand we each have a unique lane in the race of life. You will not see one of us receive a significant award, hall of fame induction or win a big competition without “Team Clark” cheering in the audience. We realize that our success is a reflection of our parents, community and God given talents we try to honor those blessings by always doing our best.

That being said, let's be honest! Training for the historic sweep of the Olympic trials was challenging. Though out our training we all knew there were three of us and three spots to make the US Team. It was very probable that one of us would not make it or that we would be battling each other for one of the coveted spots on the Olympic team. At times it was tense because we all wanted it so bad and JJ often had to play referee when emotions ran high. Iron sharpens iron and we made sure that Team Clark was sharp and ready for battle when we arrived at the trials. In the end, we were at our best because we wouldn't accept less from each other. Always surround yourself by people that bring out the best in you. You have enough to overcome on the way to your goal, one of those hurdles should never be someone in your inner circle.

In 2016, we hope you will continue the journey with us and support Team Clark as we positively touch lives through our initiatives, programs and events. We realize that medals, titles or records mean nothing if you have not made an indelible contribution to the world. When you help someone else or serve others you truly become a champion. Being a champion in life has nothing to do with how well you run, throw or jump. We challenge you to make the commitment to be a champion today!

Wishing you continued success, health and happiness,

The Clark Family

1,2,3 Win!

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